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Woman Looking in mirrorWelcome to our site! DIYHealthRemedies are proud to bring you Health Solutions that can be done by yourself at the convenience and privacy of your home. Many of these products are made from natural ingredients, therefore, it is safe and effective. Some of the solutions are programs or formulas that have been proven to cure problems for many others and you can do the same. These products are available right here at the privacy and convenience of home shopping. They do not require prescriptions or expensive in-house procedures that can be painful and aggressive to your health.

If you have some health issues that you can’t find solutions for it,  or some are just too embarrassing to ask around. Rest Assure that you are not alone. These are problems that bother us daily, take away our Self Confidence, slow us down from operating at the maximum capacity, and some are just painful to suffer.  The good news is that you are not alone, solutions exist and your problems can be taken care of.

Some examples of our products we carry are Treatments for Skin Tag, Hemorrhoids, Nail Fungus, Warts, Ear Ringing, Snoring, Hair Loss etc. These are quality products that have been in the market and they have been proven effective by a lot of people. Feel Free to Browse Around and Learn how they can help you.


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Varicose Vein Natural Treatment


Varicose Vein Natural TreatmentVaricose veins can be unsightly and result in tired achy legs and feet. Home treatments for varicose veins have been proven to quite effective in treating those varicose veins helping to reduce pain and prevent the veins from worsening. Forces of Nature offers a topical varicose vein home treatment called Varicose vein control that not only helps reduce the pain of those varicose veins but also:

  • Eases and untwists those enlarged veins
  • Helps to balance skin tone
  • Is USDA certified organic which means it contains no pesticides, toxins or chemicals
  • Is registered with the FDA

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What You Should Know About Varicose Veins

  • Varicose veins are gnarled enlarged veins that can occur anywhere on your body, but are usually found in the feet or legs.
  • Varicose veins usually occur in people who are overweight, have gone through one or more pregnancies, spend long hours standing or sitting for their jobs. This because there is either continual or added pressure put on your feet and legs and the this pressure slows the return of blood from your legs to your heart causes the veins to enlarge and become twisted or gnarled.
  • While in many cases varicose veins and their smaller version known as spider veins simply darken and enlarge and look unattractive, there are many cases where this condition causes your legs to ache and some people even experience real pain.
  • More often than not Physicians will recommended treating your varicose veins through home treatment unless the problem becomes so severe that it jeopardizes your overall health.
  • There are a variety of different home treatments for varicose veins that have been proven to work and often the best help for varicose veins is to use two or more home treatments in conjunction with one another.

Home Treatments for Varicose Veins

Here are some of the home treatments for varicose veins you can try. These treatments can reduce the discomfort of this condition, prevent further varicose veins, and in some cases even reduce the size of these veins so that your legs look and feel better.

Elevate your Feet and Legs to reduce swelling and Increase blood Flow

One of the simplest treatments for varicose veins is to simply start elevating your legs whenever possible. This will help reduce some of the swelling people may experience with varicose veins, take the pressure off your legs for a short period of time, and help increase blood flow back to your heart. Use an ottoman when watching television and elevate your legs at night when sleeping to help improve the tiredness and pressure on your legs.

Losing weight and exercising

If you are overweight then losing just a few pounds will relieve some of the excess pressure on your legs and bring relief to those varicose veins. Getting some exercise even if it only walking for a few minutes each day can also help increase blood flow and make your legs feel less tired and achy.

Try Compression Stockings

Compressions stockings gently squeeze your legs while you are wearing them, giving then a gentle massage and increasing blood flow which can reduce the pain of those varicose legs and help reduce the chance of more varicose veins forming.

Topical Solutions

Topical solutions like Varicose Vein Control by Forces of Nature are gently massaged into the varicose veins and normally offer some type of relief. In the case, of Varicose Vein Control when used as directed this topical solution will slowly, but surely untwist those veins and help reduce them in size actually helping to reverse those varicose veins. Since this treatment contains no pesticides, chemicals, or toxins you don’t have to worry that you will only be making the condition worse.

In addition, although there are only a handful of scattered reviews for this product, people are saying that Varicose Vein Control actually works and that users find that this topical solution actually does ease pain and helps to shrink those varicose veins. How fast this product works will depend on how bad those veins are when your start using this treatment.

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Migraine Relief – Forces of Nature

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Migraine Relief – Forces of Nature


Migrane Relief Forces of Nature


Migraine headaches can be excruciatingly painful and have a huge negative effect on your life and feelings of well being. These headaches can make it impossible for you to go to work, care for your family, or enjoy many of the simple pleasures of life.

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Forces of Nature offers an all organic migraine pain management treatment that is:

  • Easy to apply
  • Specially designed to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines
  • USDA certified organic
  • FDA registered
  • Comes with a 100% 1 year money back guarantee

The Truth about Migraines

If you suffer from migraines or think you may suffer from migraines you should seek a proper diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. In either case knowing some important facts about migraines may help you to better understand your condition and make a more informed choice about your treatment.

  • Over 28 million American’s suffer from Migraine headaches. While these headaches often occur on just one of the head at a time, they can occur on both sides of the head.
  • No one knows for sure what causes migraine headaches but, it believed that they are caused by a combination of genetics and environment.
  • A single migraine headache may last between 2 and 72 hours.
  • Often there are signals of an oncoming migraine that can occur days before the actual headache occurs. These signals may include: increased hunger, irritability, depression, uncontrollable yawning, and even constipation. Learning to identify these signals may help you to prevent a full blown migraine.
  • What is known as an “aura” may occur either just before or during a migraine headaches. These auras manifest themselves as a flash of light, a blind spot, or tingling in the arms or legs.
  • Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound forcing sufferers to take to their beds in a dark,quiet room until the migraine passes.
  • There are several things that may trigger migraine headaches including hormonal changes, food, alcohol, food additives and preservatives, chemicals in certain medications, changes in weather, and toxins in the air or in food.

Treating Migraine Headaches

The best treatment for migraine headaches is a combination of medicine and lifestyle changes to reduce some of the triggers that may bring a migraine on. Medication can range from simple Ibuprofen to prescription medications and everything in between.

One of the best ways to begin treating those migraine headaches is by keeping a journal. In this journal you should list the foods that you eat, alcohol you consume and medications you are taking as well as the weather conditions and any feelings of stress you are feeling daily. Doing this for several months may help you to pinpoint some of the triggers that bring on a migraine so that you can eliminate or at least reduce those triggers.

You should also use your journal to keep track of when you feel irritable, excessively hungry, depressed and other changes in mood to try to pinpoint any advance notice your body gives that you are about to have a migraine. By learning your specific warning signals of an oncoming migraine you may be able to treat it in advance and even prevent it from occurring or at least reduce it’s severity when it does occur.

You will also have to try various medicines to deal with your migraines to find the most effective medicine for you. One medicine that may be worth trying is Forces of Nature’s Migraine pain management. This is a topical solution that you dab on your temples and the base of your head to help prevent and reduce migraine headaches. The good thing about this medicine is that it is 100% USDA organic which means it contains no chemicals, toxins, or preservatives all of which may bring on or increase the severity of your migraines.

In addition, since Migraine Pain Management comes with 100% year long guarantee if this medicine doesn’t work, you can return the used bottle for a full refund so you won’t be paying out money for a product that doesn’t work.

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Nail Fungus Treatment – Forces of Nature

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Nail Fungus Treatment – Forces of Nature


Nail Fungus Treatment Forces of NatureNail fungus can appear on either your fingernails or toe nails and result in discoloration of the nails as well as thickening and flaking of the nails and perhaps even nail loss. Nail fungus may also result in pain. Finding a safe way to treat nail fungus is important to restore the health of your nails without harming your skin or causing further damage to your health.

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Forces of Nature offers a powerful organic treatment for nail fungus that won’t jeopardize your health. Their Nail fungus control is designed to be:

  • Designed to eliminate fungus in, under and around nails
  • Has no harsh side effects that may damage the skin around your nails
  • Restores the nails natural color
  • 100% organic and contains no toxins, chemicals, or pesticides that can have an adverse effect on your overall health.
  • Is FDA registered

What You Should Know About Nail Fungus

Learning about the causes of symptoms of nail fungus can help you identify and treat this common nail condition more effectively before the fungus grows and causes you a variety of problems including pain and discomfort. Here are some facts about nail fungus you should know.

  • Nail fungus is the most common of all nail diseases and affects millions of Americans each year.
  • Like all fungus nail fungus grows in damp dark places making the underneath of your nails, particularly toe nails and fingernails that are polished the idea spot for fungus to grow.
  • Nail fungus usually begins as a small yellow or white spot and as it grows can result in discoloration and dullness of the nails, thickening of the nail, flaking, and even separation of the nail from the nail bed. Occasionally nail fungus can result in a foul odor coming from the nail
  • Nail fungus occurs when microscopic fungi enter the body through tiny invisible or visible cuts near the nail or when the nail is loose from the nail bed. Poor circulation and wearing tight shoes can encourage nail fungus growth.
  • Treatment for nail fungus can often be difficult because medication must be able to penetrate the nail itself in order to reach the fungus that lies under the nail.

Treating that Nail Fungus

Treating that nail fungus is essential to restoring your nails to health. There are a variety of treatments available for treating this condition and people with this condition often find themselves torn between home treatments, over the counter medications and prescription medicine. Let’s take a look at these three treatment options.

Home remedies are often effective at treating nail fungus, but they usually take months to completely rid your nail of the fungus even if the fungus has just started to grown. In addition most home remedies does not do anything to restore the nail to it’s natural color and many of remedies often irritate the skin around and under the nail.

Prescription medications use chemicals to kill the nail fungus and in some cases certain prescription nail medication can harm liver when used for long periods of time, or used repeatedly. Most over the counter medications also contain chemicals and harsh ingredients that may kill the fungus, but often results in damaged skin and unwanted side effects. However, Nail fungus control by Forces of nature is all organic over the counter medication that not only doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxins, but actually combines effective homeopathic medicines from around the world with soothing botanicals to both treat that problem nail fungus and soothe the skin around and under the nails as well.

How Actual Users Feel About Nail Fungus Control

Actual users of Nail fungus control find that this treatment for nail fungus is extremely effective at treating that fungus without any negative side effects. Some of the most telling user comments include versions of the following statements:

  • Works better than prescription medicines that have been tried.
  • Improves the nail color as well as ridding the nail of the fungus.
  • Fungus that has been there for a year or more dramatically improved within 3 months.
  • Worked with nothing else did, and may even help prevent fungus from growing back.

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Acne Treatment – Forces of Nature

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Natural Acne Treatment – Forces of Nature


Acne Treatment Forces of NatureAlthough acne is considered a “teenage” problem, this condition to occur at any time in a persons life leaving them feeling embarrassed and unattractive due to the condition of their skin and those spots, bumps, and white heads that seem to draw attention. Most people with acne problems find themselves seeking an effective treatment for acne that will help heal those breakouts, reduce the number of breakouts that occur, help to prevent and treat scarring, and is gentle on their skin.

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Forces of nature offers a variety of natural products for the treatment of Acne. These products provide:

  • Fast topical treatment for acne and depending on the product acne scars.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin to help get at the root of your acne problem.
  • Enhances and balances skin tone.
  • Toxin, pesticide, and chemical free as these products are certified organic
  • FDA registered ingredients and products.

Understanding Your Acne

Understanding your acne is really the key to being able to treat this common skin conditions. So here are some things you need to know in order to better understand your acne.

  • Acne is caused by overactive Sebaceous glands that causes the release of oils that block your pores.
  • The Sebum oils that build up in pores attracts dirt, toxins, and dead skin cells resulting in swollen and even infected pores.
  • Although bacteria does not cause acne it can exacerbate it.
  • Many treatments for acne contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that are designed to reduce oil. However, some these ingredients dry out your skin, causing the sebaceous glands to react by producing even more oil. In addition, these drying ingredients may further irritate and inflame that acne breakout.
  • Picking at your acne or severe acne can lead to scarring that remains long after those acne breakouts end.

The Best Treatment For Acne

The best way to treat acne is by using acne cleansers as well topical treatments that are gentle on the skin while still be powerful enough to effectively treat those acne breakouts and help prevent other breakouts from occurring. Choosing to use products that use all natural and organic ingredients may be the best way to treat your acne.

Forces of Nature offers three powerful organic and natural treatments that can help control acne breakouts and reduce scars without drying out your skin. These treatments include:

  • An Acne Cleanse Bar- The Forces of nature offers an organic cleansing bar that penetrates deep into pours cleaning out that build up oil and residue and leaving behind a natural medication that will help to heal that acne breakout and prevents additional breakouts.
  • Acne/Pimple Control- Forces of Nature acne/pimple control is a topical solution that you apply directly to the affected area to help heal those acne breakouts.
  • Acne Skin Renewal Kit- This is a combo pack that includes the Acne/Pimple control topical solution as well as the Forces of Nature Scar Control which reduces scar tissue and the skin discoloration that are caused by scars.

100% Money Back Guarantee- Best of all Forces of Nature are so sure that their products will work to help treat those acne breakouts that offer a 100% 1-year money back guarantee.


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Herpes Outbreak Treatment – Forces of Nature

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Certified Organic Herpes Outbreak Treatment – Forces of Nature


Forces of Nature Herpes SolutionHerpes is a virus that is marked by reoccurring outbreaks followed by remissions. Outbreaks can be painful and unattractive and sufferers often find themselves looking for effective and safe treatments to help treat and prevent those herpes outbreak. Forces of Nature offers a number of treatments that:

  • Are topical solutions that can ease the symptoms of Herpes including the discomfort and pain.
  • Treats skin eruptions from outbreaks
  • Helps to soothe damaged skin and heal those outbreak eruptions.
  • Is USD certified organic and contains no toxins, chemicals and pesticides.
  • Is FDA Registered Medicine
  • Can be bought without prescription
  • Can be used with antiviral medications and other herpes treatment
  • Available in Regular and Extra Strength as well as suppressive Therapy (H-balm daily)
  • Backed by a 1-year money back guarantee

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What You Should Know About Herpes

Before trying to treat a Herpes breakout on your own you should seek a diagnosis from a qualified physician to make sure you are treating the correct condition. In the meantime there are some things you should know about the Herpes virus.

  • There are several different strains of Herpes, but the two most common strains are the Herpes simplex virus 1 and the Herpes simplex virus 2.
  • Generally HSV 1 breakouts occur above the waist and HSV 2 breakouts occur below the waist though both strains can result in breakouts anywhere on the body.
  • Herpes is highly contagious
  • People who contact non genital herpes are usually infected during childhood and they are infected in a non-sexual manner.
  • Some people never show symptoms of being infected with the HSV virus.
  • After being infected, it may be months or years before a person shows shows any symptoms of having the virus if they ever do.
  • Herpes outbreaks tend to occur at the place where the virus enter the body.
  • Oral herpes resulting in cold sores and fever blisters are the most common type of Herpes.
  • Genital herpes is the second most common type of the Herpes virus.
  • Other conditions related to other strains of Herpes include Chicken pox and shingles.
  • Symptoms of Herpes may remain in remission for months or even years and breakouts generally occur when the immune system is weakened and compromised. This may occur due to illness or stress.

Treatment Of Herpes Breakouts

While Herpes itself is incurable, it is possible to treat the Herpes breakouts when they occur. There are both prescription and over the counter treatments for cold sores, fever blisters and other Herpes eruptions. Antiviral medications are often prescribed to reduce the length of Herpes outbreaks and have been proven effective in helping to reduce the number of breakouts. OTC medications help to dry up cold sores or fever blisters and may reduce the length of time the outbreak lasts. However, both prescription medications and most OTC medications contain chemicals and sometimes toxins that can actually compromise the immune system and may raise concerns over the prospect of long term health problems caused by these chemicals.

Choosing an Organic Treatment

Many people who are concerned about their health choose to use organic treatments whenever possible to reduce the amount of chemicals, toxins, and pesticides that enter their system. Forces of nature offers three different treatments for Herpes that can be used alone or in conjunction with other medications for treating those painful and ugly Herpes eruptions.

H-Balm Medicated Cleansing Bar- The H-Balm medicated cleansing bar can be used on all parts of the body to treat Herpes breakouts wherever they occur.

H-Balm Control- H-Balm control is a topical solution that comes in both regular and extra strength and can help heal those cold sores and other Herpes breakouts reducing pain and helping them to heal more quickly. Users report that using this product the moment they feel a fever blister or cold sore coming on stops the breakout from occurring.

H-Balm Daily- H-Balm daily can be used to help prevent breakouts from occurring and helps strengthen the immune system. Users report that this treatment reduces the number of Herpes outbreak that occur.


Varicose Veins

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